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SABIC Marketing Ibérica, S.A.


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SABIC Marketing Ibérica, S.A. was established in June 1996 to support the strong growth of SABIC activity in the Iberian market. Based in Barcelona, SABIC Marketing Ibérica, S.A., led by General Manager Daniel Gambús, has 12 employees and currently serves more than 400 various sized companies in the plastics and base chemical sector.

Ethyleneglycol and polyethylene resins are SABIC’s highest-selling product in the Iberian market. Nonetheless, SABIC holds a strong position in the various polypropylene markets. Ethyleneglycol is mainly sold to resin makers such as PET, saturated & unsaturated polyester makers and anti-freeze blenders. Most of the polyethylene and polypropylene is processed into many different end products for the Iberian consumer market, mainly rigid & flexible packaging. In addition, SABIC has a strong hold in the Iberian automotive industry.

SABIC’s unquestionable strong growth in the Iberian market is backed by excellent logistics from the European assets and the logistic base in Tarragona for Saudi plastics and in Barcelona for Saudi intermediate liquids.

At SABIC, we learned long ago that our clients’ concerns are our concerns. That is why we invest in building long-term relationships with all the customers and influencers in the value chain. It is the kind of commitment that you would expect from a company whose motto is "CHEMISTRY THAT MATTERS™".

Contact Details

SABIC Marketing Ibérica, S.A.
Frederic Mompou, 5, 4º- 4ª
08960 – Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona)

T: (+34) 93 470 30 60
F: (+34) 93 473 64 36

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  • If you wish to know more about SABIC INNOVATIVE PLASTICS and its products, please, visit www.sabic-ip.com
  • Logo cycloplast SABIC Marketing Ibérica in its committmment with the environment is active member of CICLOPLAST, a non profit society dedicated to promote the recycling of plastics at the end of their useful lives.
    If you would like more information on CICLOPLAST please visit www.cicloplast.com
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Product portfolio

SABIC® LLDPE Linear low density polyethylene
SABIC® LDPE Low density polyethylene
SABIC® HDPE High density polyethylene
SABIC® Vestolen A High density polyethylene
SABIC® PP Polypropylene
SABIC® Vestolen P Polypropylene
SABIC® PPcompound Polypropylene compound
SABIC® STAMAX Long glass fibre reinforced polypropylene
MEG Monoethylenglicol
DEG Diethylenglicol
SM Styrene monomer


August 2011 - The VII flexible packaging forum was held in Barcelona from june 30 through july 1 2011. More info

Embalaje Flexible España (EFE), a division of Graphispack Association hosted the VII Flexible Packaging Forum at Barcelona's Hotel GALLERY from June 30 through July 1. The Forum is an annual national event and this most recent meeting brought together Spain's leading companies in the flexibile-packaging conversion sector.

Forum highlights:

On the Thursday afternoon, attendees had the opportunity to hear a number of presentations. First up was a talk from our sponsor SABIC Marketing Ibérica, S.A. entitled "Global Evolution of the polyolefin markets and flexible-packaging materials trends". This presentation was given by Daniel Gambús, General Manager of SABIC Marketing Ibérica, S.A., and José Chas, Product Sales Manager PE of SABIC Marketing Ibérica, S.A.

Next, Ana Pascual (AIMPLAS) spoke on the subject of "Technical and Legislative News in Europe's flexible-packaging sector", and then Eden León (AIMPLAS) presented "The flexible-packaging sector in Europe – A sector-based study".

Aperitifs and a dinner were held later in the evening for all those attending the Forum, presenters and guests. The venue was the El Principal Restaurant.

EFE's Ordinary General Meeting was held on the Friday morning, exclusively for our associates, at which there was a review of EFE's annual activities and future projects.

After the Meeting, there came the keynote speech from Angel Castiñeira, Director of the Department of Social Sciences, and Academic Director of the Chair in Leaderships and Democratic Governance at ESADE, entitled "Where is the world going? Key geopolitical points".

The morning ended with a presentation by Jorge Ruiz, Director of Sincronía Consultoría entitled "Lean Thinking". He spoke on the subject of "Lean" as a philosophy and methodology for improvement, an important tool for making much from little.

In the course of the Flexible Packaging Forum, tribute was paid and thanks given to Fernando Rosell of Nordenia Ibérica Barcelona, S.A., for his contribution to the sector and involvement in promoting the association.

Once again, the FLEXIBLE PACKAGING FORUM was a successful event that addressed current trends on the flexible-packaging market and served as a way in which to enhance networking among all flexible-packaging-conversion companies attending the Forum.

Oferta y demanda del envasado plastico flexible
Tendencias de materiales de embalaje flexible

December 2008 - Interview with Daniel Gambús, General Manager of SABIC Marketing Ibérica. More info

SABIC sets 2020 as the horizon year for its world leadership.

For the Saudi-Arabian corporation, plastic is the material of the future. This can be seen in the corporate strategy, which envisages a turnover of 60 billion euros by 2020 and hopes to become the world’s leading petrochemical company. The development of advanced new products that meet the changing demands of today’s market, along with acquisitions, will be the main means to reach these goals.

All of these things, along with the Iberian sector since the advent of SABIC Innovative Plastics and the economic crisis, were the focus of our talk with Daniel Gambús, the General Manager of SABIC Marketing Ibérica.

At the time of the last Equiplast Trade Fair, for the first time ever in Spain, SABIC Marketing Ibérica and SABIC Innovative Plastics Ibérica held a joint event. Are they planning to merge?
In Spain the corporation’s current structure distinguishes among three independent companies, two for sales and one for production. On the one hand, we have SABIC Innovative Plastics Ibérica; on the other is SABIC Marketing Ibérica; and then we also have the polycarbonate factory in Cartagena. This plant has a production capacity of 280,000 tonnes of PC, 45,000 tonnes of compounding and has recently extended its range of market solutions, with the implementation of a unit to produce 5,000 tonnes of Ultem, an innovative product with high heat resistance.
In addition to the factory, SABIC IP also has the Barcelona-headquartered sales company, with a staff of six people. Each sales office preserves their independence from one another as separate companies. We are studying synergies, for example, it might be that in the future we share offices.
At SABIC Marketing Ibérica we have a staff of 13 employees.

On the subject of SABIC Marketing Ibérica, can you give us an assessment of the company’s presence over the past few years? What results do you hope to see this year?
This company was founded in February 1996 and now has a turnover of around 300 million euros, taking in both Spain and Portugal.
Until 2003, we were a subsidiary of SABIC Global Ltd, with headquarters in London and we served the raw materials market for general-use polyolefin plastics. After the DSM takeover, which gave rise to SABIC Europe, in addition to materials for general use, we added in far more sophisticated products in areas such as pipes, blow moulding, the automotive business unit, compounds and more. These represented new markets that really enhanced SABIC as a corporation. Since then, the interaction and exchange of staff and technological know how between Riyadh and Europe has been on the up, which has also benefited us in Spain and Portugal.
Today we continue to serve a general use market, through the products that come to us from Saudi Arabia by sea (we have our logistics centre in Tarragona), as well as by land or intermodal freight transport (train-truck or ship-truck) from Europe. At present, the average delivery time depending on the specific logistics mode can vary, ranging from 2-3 days from the warehouse in Tarragona, to 4-7 days by ground from Europe, and approximately 10-15 days by intermodal transport, also from Europe.
As to this year’s results, we anticipate a 10% decrease in sales in comparison with last year.

The impact of the crisis...
In 2008, the lack of liquidity in the banks spilled over to the real economy, and we are attributing the impact on us to our dependence on the packaging market. This sector is a good indicator of how consumption is going in a country, if there is less consumption, there is less packaging. At least 35-40% of our sales volume goes to the world of packaging, yet in addition to that, monoethylene glycol accounts for a quarter of our sales, which for the most part goes to clients that manufacture PET resins. In other words, the liquid chemical base also goes to the packaging market, meaning that we can add 25% to that figure. In this market, it is very normal to see a 10-20% drop, depending on the application and the type of product, especially since July-August. So, this lower consumption, which affects the market, coupled with the lack of liquidity (clients do not have bank support), is slowing the market, and obviously affects us.
Moreover, since September-October our automotive clients have been cancelling orders for polypropylene. This is in line with the reality surrounding us today, employment adjustments in the automotive sector, and the decline in car sales.

Will the situation last long?
We’ll see as of January. Initially, we don’t expect the situation to improve much during the first quarter. The first half of 2008 followed the trend of the previous year. It wasn’t until the second semester, and particularly the last quarter, that we saw the most drastic decline. As I said before, we expect to see, at least, a 10% decline in our turnover for 2008 as a whole. But what worries us is that the trend of the second half of the year points to a 15-20% drop.

Is the same thing happing in Portugal?
The Portuguese market accounts for approximately one fifth of SABIC Marketing Ibérica’s turnover. In any case, thus far the Portuguese economy has been doing better than the Spanish economy. There are two reasons for this. First, because the financial situation was not as buoyant as that of Spain in recent years, meaning that Portuguese companies were forced to adjust before Spanish companies; and secondly, because the Portuguese market is more export-oriented. So in this sense, Portuguese companies have a more diversified business portfolio than Spanish companies.
This crisis could drive Spanish businesses to seek out opportunities beyond our borders, so they will be less affected when the national economy gets worse.

Which way is SABIC’s corporate and product strategy headed?
Right now the horizon for the company strategy is 2020. By then we hope to have a 60-billion-euro turnover (in 2007 it was 33.7) and envisage becoming the world leader in petrochemicals. How will we do this? Through our own growth, yet also by purchasing companies like GE Plastics.
As far as our product strategy goes, our philosophy is to meet the market demands at all times. So, in England we are about to open the world’s largest low-density polyethylene plant, with Exxon tubular technology, and a capacity of 400,000 tpa. This plant will enable us to attain the medium densities manufactured at a tubular low-density reactor. In this sense, we are talking about applications for hygienic films, tearable films and the like. We are also developing a pharmaceutical polyethylene product mix at other plants in both low and high density, for injection and blow moulding and extrusion. Another line of development is that of cable coatings (mainly resin-based), linear polyethylenes for base resins for the compounds of the cable insulation crosslinking agents for cable coatings. We are also using our own SABIC Europe technology to develop a new low-density polyethylene tubular reactor catalyst to manufacture resins for extrusion coating, for example, for paper laminates, and also for foams. Foam sheets that were traditionally produced in autoclave reactors, the novelty of which resides precisely in the ability to make them in tubular reactors.
We have also recently implemented the new bimodal high-density polyethylene plant in Gelsenkirchen, with a 250,000-tonne capacity. This plant manufactures several grades of high-pressure pipes like the P100. What’s more, at the technical seminar that we held in Barcelona last October, there was a presentation of a new grade, the SABIC® FCP55 Flowpact, a thin-wall copolymer for packaging with properties such as high impact resistance, good fluidity and a very short injection cycle. Another novelty is a PP random copolymer for blow-moulded application for transparent 250-ml bottles, which could be used for tomato sauces, for example.

Daniel Gambús
Daniel Gambús
SO Captain Iberica

October 2008 - For the first time, SABIC Marketing Ibérica and SABIC Innovative Plastics Ibérica jointly organized a customer event, demonstrating one face to the Iberian plastics converter market. More info

One face to the customer in Spain

For the first time, SABIC Marketing Ibérica and SABIC Innovative Plastics Ibérica jointly organized a customer event, demonstrating one face to the Iberian plastics converter market.

Attended by over 100 customers, the event took the form of a one-day technical seminar during Expoquimia – the international chemicals and plastics trade show that took place in Barcelona, Spain, from October 20 – 24 last year. The largest applied chemistry event in the Mediterranean, Expoquimia represents a major showcase for new chemical products.

Synergies open doors to new opportunities
“We intend to launch new and innovative solutions into the Iberian markets in order to open doors to new business opportunities”, explains Laurent Noirclerc, Country Manager Iberia at SABIC Innovative Plastics. “The business units are looking for synergies and shared opportunities to promote customer and application driven steering. This cooperation means that we’ll be able to generate cross-business leads as one company, both from employees and from customers, who now know the full SABIC portfolio of products,” explains Noirclerc. “In the end, this will lead to bigger business.”
The event made it clear that this kind of joint event can indeed produce new business. “We got some very interesting leads,” says Daniel Gambús, General Manager SABIC Marketing Ibérica. “For example, we received an invitation from a customer assembling windshield wiper parts. They asked for one of our technicians to visit their shield supplier in order to find cost reduction possibilities in the manufacturing process and to see whether they can replace the inside body metal shield with extrusion fiber glass.”

Illustrating our range and innovation
During the seminar, technicians and specialists from both teams shared information on our solutions for advanced and general purpose applications, including new developments in:

  • polyethylene for extrusion
  • food contact packaging
  • thin wall packaging
  • thermal high heat polymers

The seminar also covered our approach to innovation, solutions for cost reduction, and our environmentally friendly plastic materials. Also highlighted was our commitment to the pipe and automotive industries.

“We communicated clearly to customers that SABIC is investing in innovation and development to improve sustainability,” commented Daniel Gambús. And also that we are following our philosophy of caring for the environment, backed up by recent studies which show that consumers are willing to pay more as long as products are eco-friendly.”

Demonstrating market expertise and commitment
In the evening the customers were invited to a cocktail and dinner. This included a short presentation by Daniel Gambús on SABIC’s view of upcoming trends and dynamics in the plastics industry. He emphasized that plastics is the material for the future and provides sustainable answers to threats mankind will have to face. Joan Corona, a prominent Doctor in Economics and Academic Director of the Institute of “Empresas familiares”, followed with a presentation called “The first crisis of the global economy”.

Underlining “one SABIC” for all of us
The event underlined that we are now part of a one, unified SABIC: A global company with a broad scope, and committed, specialized teams working close to customer locations worldwide to provide the best solutions for their needs.

Moreover, by handling events like these as a team, colleagues learn to work with shared goals – just one of the positive effects arising from the cooperation between SABIC Marketing Ibérica and SABIC Innovative Plastics.

July 2008 - SABIC Innovative Plastics Ibérica's commercial team moved. More info

In July 2008, as part of the integration program, SABIC Innovative Plastics Ibérica's commercial team moved to the same building of the SABIC Marketing Ibérica Barcelona's office.

The integration project's aim is to create a global company with strong local ties. Being close to each other and communicating well, we’ll create value for our customers. The improved communication means we can expand our brand and our strategy can evolve from a stronger platform.